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Benari President, Steve Smolinsky, is available for keynote speaking, workshops and in-house management consulting.

An interactive discussion…no powerpoints…just white board and flip chart for all…about you, your business and getting the results you seek. Steve Smolinsky, one of the more unorthodox advisors to business owners/CEOs, brings a unique perspective from owning and running his own enterprises, serving on boards of companies and engineering their sale, managing African projects for the Wharton School, and implementing the Entrepreneurial Operation System (EOS). Hear solid advice from the guy who is confidant and coach to some of the best businesses around. Just ask Jose Garces about him!

“Thank you so very much for your interactive, involving, insightful, and inspiring presentation last night at our GPSEG Life Sciences subgroup meeting! Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! I was nearly knocked over by several participants as I was going to get the hotel service bill. They had to tell me that they were so thrilled by your presence, message, and observations!!! We all really appreciate you taking the time to meet with us and to share your informative learning about people, human nature, and making everyone feel included. Thanks again for a very dynamic and interesting evening!

Ellen M. Derrico, Chair, GPSEG Life Sciences Subgroup

Speaker Steve Smolinsky can talk about:-
• Living Your Corporate Story
• International Business: Connecting Across Cultures
• EOS: Creating passionate accountability and focus for exceptional execution
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Creating a new business
• Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Working within
• Networking, connecting…expanding and strengthening your network
• Travels Around Africa
• Building Your Story To Include Everyone…Prevent Chaos

Steve can also get your company started on the path to greater success with a two or four hour program on operating for exceptional execution: Get a grip on your business and achieve extraordinary success.

Get knocked over by people telling you how much they loved the speaker. Book Steve Smolinsky now.

Steve Smolinsky: experienced business founder and president with expertise gained from running businesses, advising and consulting with senior executives, business owners, and family businesses, writing and speaking on international business, networking and business development, story and branding, and general business management issues.

Project Faculty and Africa Region Manager for the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and Consulting Professor National University of Singapore. Resource Person for the United Nations with Expert-on-Mission experience. BOA Chair Anthurium Solutions, Board Member My/More Gallons, Board President Camphill Village Kimberton Hills.

Co-author of the book Conversation on Networking, author of Big Brothers Big Sisters national mentoring and activity book, and currently working on a new book.

Benari LTD Team: a collection of individuals and companies exemplifying the highest expertise, integrity, and reliability with knowledge and skill to support our efforts in helping clients achieve superior results while remaining true to their ideals.

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